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Filing issues and feature requests

We want to be solid, but there’s always going to be issues to fix and new features to enhance the product. If you find any problems or would like to request a particular feature, feel free to head over to’s issue tracker. Below are some general guidelines.

Feature Requests

We definitely want this project to be better in every way, but sometimes we just can’t see the forest because of those trees. If you think of something that would make be more intuitive, easier, faster, or efficient, we encourage you to file a feature request, but please keep the following in mind:

  1. Double-check that the feature hasn’t already made its way into the tracker and/or been completed
  2. After filing it, please be patient – sometimes it might take a while for things to get prioritized, so don’t be bummed that it’s not available tomorrow ;)
  3. As always, the quickest way to get your shiny new feature is to get your hands dirty and implement it yourself!

Bug Reports

If you think you’ve found a bug, here’s what we ask of you:

  1. Check the issue tracker and/or search for your issue to make sure we aren’t already tracking the problem
  2. See if you can reproduce the issue on the develop branch of the project to confirm we haven’t already fixed the problem
  3. Try to be as descriptive as possible when filing your issues. We’d like to know the operating system you’re on, any stack traces you’ve seen in the logs, a good account of the steps required to reproduce the problem along with what you feel is the expected outcome. Providing more information is almost always better so we can quickly identify and fix the issue.
  4. Be patient :)
  5. Optionally, it would be fantastic if you could help us out and fix the problem yourself...if you’re brave enough, see the Contributor Guidelines on contributing to the project.

Usage Questions

Usage questions are best handled in one of the following ways:

  • Asking a question on the IRC channel
  • Emailing the contributors, especially those who have been recently active on the project.

Long term development comments

Long term development tasks will usually have a branch opened on the main repository, along with a pull request back into develop. This is the place to make comments on the development cycle for that feature.