Installation Overview

There are two main options for installation:

Amazon AMI

Reading through long install guides and executing each and every command can be time consuming and error prone. If you would rather just run a script to do a lot of this for you, we have a script to build an AMI for you. Keep in mind that the script is somewhat opinionated and won’t let you make many decisions (you’re free to modify it to suit your needs though!) Here’s a list of things it will do:

  • Install all of the necessary stuff (MySQL, python, virtualenv, tons of packages, etc)
  • Create a stackdio virtualenv at /usr/share/stackdio
  • Install stackdio and its python dependencies
  • Install and configure Nginx
  • Install and configure supervisord to run gunicorn, celery, and salt-master
  • Create an admin stackdio user

Check it out here: Using the Amazon AMI

Manual Install

If you’d rather have a more custom-fitted installation that fits your needs, check out Manual Install instead.